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Natural Resources Inventory - Adopted

The Final Natural Resources Inventory was adopted on April 10, 2023. Read the report by clicking on the image or download the report through the link below:

Final Natural Resources Inventory

FINAL Peekskill NRI Cover_4-10-23_Adopted.jpg

Natural Resources Inventory Mapping

The following Natural Resources Inventory mapping is in Draft form. These maps will continue to be refined through coordination with the City. Click on the map icons below to view the corresponding map in greater detail.


MacGregory Brook entering the Hudson River

Photo Credit: Kay Barthelmes

Land Area and Existing Land Use

Peekskill NRI - Aerial Map.jpg
Peekskill NRI - Base Map.jpg
Land Area and Land Use

Aerial Map

Base Map

Existing Land Use

Geology and Soils

Peekskill NRI - Surficial Geology.jpg
Geology and Soils
Peekskill NRI - Bedrock Geology.jpg

Surficial Geology

Bedrock Geology


Habitats, Biodiversity & Ecological Features

Peekskill NRI - Significant Ecological Features in City of Peekskill.jpg
Peekskill NRI - Forests.jpg
Habitats & Ecological Features
Peekskill NRI - Hudson River Coastal Habitats.jpg

Significant Ecological Features


Hudson River Coastal Habitats

Wetlands, Streams & Water Resources

Peekskill NRI - Streams and Floodplains.jpg
Peekskill NRI - Wetlands in City of Peekskill.jpg
Wetlands & Water Resources
Peekskill NRI - Drinking Water District.jpg

Streams & Floodplains


Drinking Water Resources

Topography and Slopes

Topography, Slopes & Sea Level Rise

Peekskill NRI - Topography.jpg
Peekskill NRI - Slopes.jpg



Sea Level Rise

Cultural Resources

Cultural Resources

Historic Districts

National Historic Places/Sites

Parks & Recreation

Depew Park Trails

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